About me

I am the Founder of the brand for natural products called Tahoor, the charity called Ummah.Fund, the clean water organization called SaafPaani.org, a motivational page called RealisticCash.com , the online radio (now put down to sleep) CrazeFM Radio which won best and most popular radio tv award of 2007, and then I also have my own radio program in Norway where I talk about positivity and motivation.

Where have I worked:-

  • British Gas (Sales) – London
  • DotMusic (Design) – London
  • MSB International PLC (Design)- London
  • Cotech (Project Manager) – Oslo
  • NTB News Agency (Project Manager) – Oslo
  • Aller Media (Web) – Oslo

What about this blog?
On this blog I will share with you what works and doesn’t work in the world of business and in life as a whole. With tremendously amazing decades behind me with ups and downs in all walks of life, I have come across situations that can really make me shed some light on different topics. For this blog I have chosen entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, motivation, and positivity.

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