A short bio:-
Founder of Tahoor, Muslim.Fund, SaafPaani.org, RealisticCash.com , CrazeFM Radio (Won best and most popular radio tv award of 2007), and radio presenter in Norway. (If you want to subscribe to this blog then go to the bottom of this post and enter your name and email) – If you have TOO much time on your hands, check out the not-so short bio below.

A not-so short bio:-

Wakas MirOne fine day in the 90s in Norway, I decided to try out something people called “The Internet”. It was during the days when you could type the name of a website in your browser and could walk to the nearest city and back, and it still would not finish loading.

The squeek of the modem would wake everyone up since I was mostly online at night as daytime it was college time. Well that was my first interaction with the net. It was the “new thing”, and the time when chatting platforms like ICQ and MSN were quite in!

What then?

Well, then all of a sudden I moved to Pakistan.  I started studying Fine Arts, Political Science and Civics in GC college University, Lahore. My interest in Arts was also quite visible there, but I always longed for a new way to express myself, like digitally. That’s where the PC came in. Adobe photoshop, 3d programs and other related programs were what I used to play around with.

When did I start making sites or doing anything online?

I got my internet membership from a local net company called Brain.NET, and bought a few “hours” of internet time to test it out. Just after a few hours of being online I was fascinated with the way websites were actually made.  I tried to search a few places online but there was absolutely no guide to be found that was easy to understand. The only search portals available were Yahoo and AskJeeves, Google wasn’t born then.

Well I was up all night and I really wanted to make a website, no matter what. After a bit of research, I got my hands on Netscape editor (a program by Netscape browser)  and as the morning sun was on its way, I had created my first website.  You know the sites with funny backgrounds, and animated gifs all over. After I was done with that, someone from Brain.net Pakistan called me in their office to discuss something. He asked if I could make a guide to creating websites as he really liked my site (I swear it was one weird site)

I went home, and during the night I created a full and proper step by step guide to creating websites. The guide was featured on Brain.net (a Pakistani ISP) in those days and downloaded like crazy by almost everyone who logged in and saw the link on their homepage. That was the beginning of my journey online.

What have I done since then?

Launched CrazeFM radio that won best and most popular tv and radio award in 2007,  set up a freelancer network so people could find coders, launched Ecommerce DVD store, sold tons of DVDs,  launched a lookalike site, sold with good profit, started electronics store & became platinum member due to the huge number of sales, started a Pay per click search engine, earned amazing profit, testing a concept & earned 2500 USD per 24hrs from Adsense ,and started importing food and non-food products for shops

Did I ever work somewhere?

I have either worked as a web designer or a project manager for the following companies.

  • British Gas (Sales) – London
  • DotMusic (Design) – London
  • MSB International PLC (Design)- London
  • Cotech (Project Manager) – Oslo
  • NTB News Agency (Project Manager) – Oslo
  • Aller Media (Web) – Oslo

So what about now?

  • I launched a brand called “Tahoor”, starting off with pure honey products, and now in the past few years adding to the product line various natural products that you can see at TahoorStore.com.
  • I started a charity called Ummah.Fund that helps fund humanitarian projects regardless of religion or background of the ones that are getting the help. These humanitarian projects are a dedication to my beloved mother who is no more.
  • I conceptualized a clean water charity, SaafPaani.org, that funds Clean water projects around the world.

So what will I get from this blog?

Well this blog is my way of showing you that in this journey of life, everything you do and don’t do has an effect on the outcome of your life to come. Via this blog, I will also share the trials and tribulations of managing a business and what to do when you come across people with different mindsets and personalities. Due to the fact that I have successfully sold products online, offline, and supplied wholesale to shops, I am sure that you can learn something from my experiences and will never ever give up no matter what.

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