I have been into sales since decades, have read hundreds of books, done numerous courses, and have hands-on experience with B2B and B2C sales of all sorts. Just to get it all across I am writing a mini e-book on just that. What type of mindset I have when I am selling something and how you can get the best out of your conversation with your prospect. If you want to get into the mind of you customer and get amazing reminders and tips, then enter your email on the right side (of wakasmir.com) to get on the list so you get notified when the eBook is out.

The book will cover among other sections, the following:-

What is “selling”?
How do you talk to your customer?
Dealing with difficult customers?
Why do customers buy?
From NO and MAYBE to a YES
To discount or not to discount
Body language & tone of voice
What about the competition?
Being truthful to your customers
What destroys a sale?


Update : Here is the ebook!

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