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With decades of motivational and positivity packed radio shows behind me, I have come a long way with my people skills as a person who talks and has the ability to listen.

I offer one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype and can mostly adjust to different time zones. My way of coaching is a bit direct. I guide you to the solution so in a way your answers will surface right in front of you making things a lot clearer.

I can coach on:-

– Positivity and motivation
– Career planning or transitioning
– Developing your personal brand
– Managing conflicts at work or home
– Tackling issues like procrastination
– Relationship and life issues
– Boosting your self-confidence
– Help you identify your strengths
– Business development

Style of coaching
I am quite friendly, so my approach will be very simple and to the point. You will get value from the time after you are done. Empathy, listening and definitely trust are those core values you can expect from me.


I am fluent in English, Norwegian, Urdu and Punjabi!

Book an hour and a half on Skype
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