7 signs that you should quit your job

quitHaving a job is essential. It provides bread and butter on the table, and keeps things going. But the reality is that the world isn’t perfect, and sometimes you can be in a job that you don’t like at all. Obviously one should realize that having a job in itself is a blessing, and not everyone has a place to go to everyday. But that shouldn’t keep you glued to something you dread going to every single morning for years and years.

I must admit I have had jobs I  loved to bits, and enjoyed going to every single morning for years, but I have also been in companies where my skills were never tapped, and I felt as if I was just sitting and getting a paycheck for not doing much at all. I personally LIKE to earn my money, and would leave a job if I feel I am not giving my 100% or see that I am not being utilized to my full potential. Of course keeping in mind my skills.

Ok so below are the signs I have noted down that will give you an indication as to if you really are in a dead-end job or just have one of those days, which almost everyone has.

  1. You lack passion and feel things aren’t moving forward
  2. You are miserable whenever you think of going to work
  3. You have lost balance between work/personal life
  4. Your skills are not being tapped at all
  5. Your duties at work have changed but pay hasn’t
  6. You don’t get excited and are constantly bored
  7. You experience verbal abuse

If you have three or more of the signs present in your work situation, prepare a nice CV and start applying. And please do NOT quit until you have found another job. :)

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Why is reading good for you?

dreamThey say books are your best friend, well in a way it’s as true as anything can ever be. From a book you can learn from the author all their experiences and trials he or she has gone through without going through them yourself. You are presented with the knowledge in a way that you can use it for your own benefit. It of course depends on the book and who’s written it. It also depends on the category and the topic on hand, because a self improvement book will benefit you in a different way, than a book on the history of Africa and so on.

There is this portal that has a selection of over 4000 ebooks that you should check out. It has eBooks from $2.88, which usually retail at over $15 or more. So it’s a good deal for those of you who are into wanting to learn the tips and tricks from others who are masters in their domain.

Click here to check the site out. To purchase an eBook all you do is to click a category, pick a book and download it after paying via PayPal within 30 seconds!

Hope you find something good.

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Be content with what you have

Life sometimes puts us in situations where we feel as if everyone has more than us. That everyone is happier than us, and everyone is enjoying the bounties of life unlike us.

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Value your time or else..

imageHow often do you sit and not do anything? How often do you just wander around on the internet trying to spend your time and end up using a few good hours from your day on useless surfing, without getting any smarter than before?

Time and money!

I feel that people who tend to put time and money in the same sentence don’t really realize the true value of it. Money is something that comes and goes, while time goes and never comes back. One can always get money back in one way or another, but once the few moments leave our “account” of life, they never return, no matter how much effort we put in to turn the clock back. So in reality, time and money are two different things. When you start measuring your time with money, you care less about people and more about the materialistic side of things without even knowing about it.

How to use your time wisely?

Always plan out your day. No matter what you do in life, either you are a student or work as a professional in some company. If you do not plan out your day and your time wisely, you will end up doing absolutely nothing. Actually a person who plans his/her time gets a lot more time on their hands at the end of the day. Because such a person has learned the value of each and every minute in their life.

Choose your battles

You don’t always have to say yes to every single thing you are requested to do in life. This goes for family, and work. You might want to save the world, but there is only certain things you can do in the limited time you have every day. Pick and choose, and focus on yourself. At the end of the day, use a few minutes to think through your day and what you achieved and what you gained through the various things you spent your time on. If there is something you feel you shouldn’t have used your time on, well next time don’t, and instead use it on something wiser.

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3 tips to have a better conversation

I can easily break the ice with people I don’t know or meet for the first time. Either it’s the door to door sales part-time job I had in London or it’s because of my hobby since 1994 as a radio presenter, I guess talking/communication sometimes comes easy. What I have figured out by not seeing people I talk to , I have come to realize that that one can divert a whole conversation by the tone of one’s voice into any possible direction one wants.

Here are the three tips to a better conversation..

  1. Be respectful : Remember to keep the element of respect in your tone no matter what you are discussing. Everyone wants to be spoken to with a smile and respect, just like you. If you keep that in mind, the convo will go just fine.

  2. Be attentive : If you are not attentive to the person you are speaking to, there is only one person to blame for a not so good conversation, and that would be you. 

  3. Be “smiley” : This could have been the first pointer. I see no point in not smiling when talking to the other person, I mean, do you have a reason not to? Unless obviously it’s something sad that’s being discussed? Keep that smile on, and you will rub it off on the other person too.. It will make any conversation a breeze!

So to sum it up.. Be respectful, be attentive and smile :o)

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Do you hate your job?

This is what most of the people say when they are starting their conversation after a sigh, which sounds like as if someone has taken all the air out of their lungs.

Remember that you are living in a world where billions of people die just because they can’t manage to get clean water, let alone a few grains of food. You might be one of those lucky people who can afford internet, might be sitting on a chair, under a roof which doesn’t leak when it rains. You have absolutely a billion reasons to be happy about. But yes, does that solve your “i hate my job” thing? Maybe not, or maybe it does, it’s just the way you look at it.

Here are a few things to “love” your job:-

  • Apply for something else, something that you “love” doing
  • Do more at work, because most of the times one hates a job because one has nothing to do
  • At a time where finance crisis might hit again, be thankful for what you have and hang in there
  • If you are in a job you hate, and been there for a few years with same mindset, I would never want you working for me, but ask yourself would you hire yourself?
  • Do some courses, go on seminars to learn more about your field. The only person who’s stopping you from learning, is you.

If the above few tips don’t help. Then visit the local unemployment center where you live, and see how people struggle to get even a few hours job to manage their day.

I don’t recall a single job I hated, i liked them all in one way or the other. Because it was either that or being unemployed. So the choice is yours. If you want to move up the ladder, give your best and as far as I remember when I used to work as a sales agent at a tiny shop in Norway when employers didn’t see the potential in me, I kept applying until a few did. And I have never looked back.

I do recall and thank God for the moments I have managed to go through, but one thing is for sure… I love all my jobs, because they put bread and butter on my table. *

* Norway is going through a butter-crisis these days, so maybe this line won’t fit :)




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