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When giving up is not an option

Between 1995 and 1999 I went to England for a few days with a friend. We stayed in Manchester before going off to London later that week. I saw an opportunity at British Gas where one would go door to door to sell electricity contracts. I thought I could do it, so I called back to Norway and quit my job in TNT where I was working within Data entry. I called mum and said, I am gonna stay here and try my luck. She gave me her prayers, although I am sure it wasn’t an easy thing to...

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What type of reputation do you want?

Gone are the days of how a news about you reached other people via snail mail or other means. Now it takes a few seconds before your whole life is put on a plate for others to enjoy (or criticize). At the end of the day it’s your job to create a reputation of yourself. Absolutely no one else has that in their hands but you. If you want to be known as trustworthy, then do something that revolves around it. If you are to be remembered as someone who is good with your promises, then meet up when...

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Jealousy – The needle in the bed of life

How comforting is the feeling of having a bed that's cushiony and silky and for a moment imagine the amazing sleep on such a bed. Now imagine for a second that somewhere on that cushiony bed is a tiny needle. What will it do? Does it matter that the rest of the bed is comfortable? No, of course not. The tiny needle, whenever your body comes across it, will cause you pain and annoy you. Well, that's what jealous people are like. They are that needle on your comfortable bed of life. They are not big in numbers, but...

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Don’t open up your mind to garbage

There are times when you are standing right across someone who has nothing better to do than to bombard you with their toxic speech and thoughts. And there is absolutely nothing worse than you standing there listening to them. Because no matter how mentally strong you think you are, you will be affected. Your time is precious and that time is better spent on positive thoughts and doing something meaningful. The time you are wasting with someone who is just feeding you with garbage, will never come back. It will not yield any results and will not benefit you...

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3 habits for a happier work life

If you are someone who is so much into your work that you sometimes feel like a robot? Well even if you don't think like that, our routine sometimes makes us like that… like tiny ants doing our routine work. Here are three tips to a more happier you:- 1- Get rid of negative people Stop talking to people who only talk about the worst that can happen and start associating with people who will only bring out the best in you. There are only a few number of hours a day, make the best of them and get...

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