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What type of reputation do you want?

Gone are the days of how a news about you reached other people via snail mail or other means. Now it takes a few seconds before your whole life is put on a plate for others to enjoy (or criticize). At the end of the day it’s your job to create a reputation of yourself. Absolutely no one else has that in their hands but you. If you want to be known as trustworthy, then do something that revolves around it. If you are to be remembered as someone who is good with your promises, then meet up when...

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Value your time or else..

How often do you sit and not do anything? How often do you just wander around on the internet trying to spend your time and end up using a few good hours from your day on useless surfing, without getting any smarter than before? Time and money! I feel that people who tend to put time and money in the same sentence don’t really realize the true value of it. Money is something that comes and goes, while time goes and never comes back. One can always get money back in one way or another, but once the few moments leave our “account” of life, they never return, no matter how much effort we put in to turn the clock back. So in reality, time and money are two different things. When you start measuring your time with money, you care less about people and more about the materialistic side of things without even knowing about it. How to use your time wisely? Always plan out your day. No matter what you do in life, either you are a student or work as a professional in some company. If you do not plan out your day and your time wisely, you will end up doing absolutely nothing. Actually a person who plans his/her time gets a lot more time on their hands at the end of the day. Because...

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Steps to reach your goals

A friend sent a few ebooks to me about setting goals and I got the time to read one of them about defining goals. Quite good stuff it was and although we mostly know what we want but the way we go about doing things makes one thing harder to achieve than the other. Some things to note down and remember them to be on the right track:- Wake up early to plan the rest of your day If you aren't reaching your goal then ask yourself if you really are doing enough In order to be successful all...

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