What will you find in this ebook?

Get into the customer's mind

I will walk you through the way the mind of a customer functions when he’s about to buy!

Should you offer a discount?

Is it a good idea to offer discounts when you can do without!

Being truthful to your customers

How to increase your sales by holding nothing back when selling!

Getting from a no to a yes

What does it take to get a customer to buy from you, even when they don’t know if they need your product?

what's healthy competition

I will also talk a bit about the rules of competition and how you can be at ease with the whole process.

does posture have a say?

How to talk to a customer is one thing, but how to STAND while talking to them is a different game!

Are sellers mind readers?

Actually, you don’t need to be a mind reader to be selling anything. All you need to do is to treat the customer like you would like to be treated and spoken to. If you apply the basics I talk about in the eBook then all you need to think about is perfecting your product or service, the rest will fall in its place!

What about discounts?

Who doesn’t love discounts or sales offers? But when should you give a discount and when should you charge fully? I will be sharing with you my own tested concepts, and give you an insight over what works and what doesn’t.

What about me?

My name is Wakas Mir, and I have conceptualized the brand Tahoor and managed and ran the famous CrazeFM radio that won the most popular radio and tv award a few years ago opposite some big names in the industry.

I have worked within B2B, B2C, Tele-sales, door-to-door sales, and have decades of e-commerce experience from selling electronics, clothing, gadgets, honey, books, oils, tea, natural products, and am responsible for product development at Tahoor Store, a store that I manage myself from A to Z.

In this eBook, I will cover the aspects of a sales process that we usually don’t think about when selling. You might see some of the topics as reminders, which is always a great thing since we often forget the basics in the middle of the sales process.

What are the topics I am covering in this ebook?

  • What is selling?
  • How do you talk to your customer?
  • Dealing with difficult customers?
  • Why do customers buy?
  • From NO and MAYBE to a YES
  • To discount or not to discount
  • Body language & tone of voice
  • What about the competition?
  • Being truthful to your customers
  • What destroys a sale?
  • What about online sales?
  • Why do testimonials work?


Khalid Yasin

I am very pleased with the advice I received from Wakas. His relevant expertise and experience made me access to a lot of useful information and saved me a lot of time. I would highly recommend him for advice within sales and marketing

Sarwar Tonmoy

“Selling Without Selling” is a masterpiece of Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience. Some important philosophy of selling may be learned from the book. The book has taken me into the customer’s mind. This book helped me reshape my marketing strategy. I recommend the book to everybody who is directly or indirectly related to marketing. (MyDeenShop.com)

this ebook is for someone who..

  • ..is serious about selling their services to their customers
  • ..wishes to increase their sales numbers
  • ..needs to see where they are going wrong
  • ..wants to know how to keep your customers

after spending tens of thousands of dollars in sales, marketing and business courses, training, and ventures, you can now get access to my tips and techniques!

you will get the ebook within seconds after purchase! change your mindset about the sales process, and beat your competition!

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