According to a survey in Norway, 9 out of 10 people abort their unborn child if they fear that their child carries signs of Down Syndrome. For those that don’t know what that is, see the picture attached.

A child with Down Syndrome has inherited an additional or extra copy of a particular chromosome. In the case of Down’s syndrome, the affected individuals have three copies rather than two of chromosome 21. The consequence of this additional copy is that it changes the balance of the body resulting in characteristic intellectual and physical features.

So why do they abort the child?
From the look of things it seems most of them are afraid of the time such a special child would consume. They are scared of the way things will or will not work out. The health of such a child is not so good but then again who can guarantee that a perfectly born child will not have a noncurable disease?

Individuals affected with Down Syndrome tend to be shorter than normal, have broad short hands and poor muscle tone Some half heart defect that can be treated while in others it can’t be. They might also have problems with their gut making it difficult to eat while increasing the risk of thyroid problems.

So are all the complications above enough to take the life of YOUR child?
Not everyone is mentally so strong to deal with such things, but then again when did life ever throw anything at us that’s easy? We are day in day out put into situations by our own actions that require us to be stable minded and get out of them without going nuts.

Most of us who think we are perfect in our health go for a doctor’s checkups just to find out that we have cancer, or some other disease. Wouldn’t it be fair to us that our parents found out that before our birth and aborted us? That would be amazing wouldn’t it? Because then they would be doing us a favor.. And why do people forget that a child who is born with Down Syndrome hasn’t gotten his genes from your neighbor.. it’s YOUR genes.. maybe you are the abnormal one here? A woman in Australia killed her two sons and said it was the greatest act of love.. difference is she killed them when they were 9 and 11 while others go ahead with such act when the child doesn’t have his own social id. (see her story here )

Are we “normal” human beings such a special species that anyone who is not “like” us is not normal? If we have no possible way to predict the future then how come we take matters into our hands that truly should be left on its own. How many of those that are aborting children with Down Syndrome enjoying their time with their normal kids? Not many actually. And if you look at the statistics, normal people leave their old parents in old homes, something that a Down Syndrome kid wouldn’t be capable of even imagining. They are love all the way.

Next time you talk or look rudely at a kid or a person with Downs, maybe it’s time to realize that the abnormal person is no one other than you.

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