There are various things in life one should do in order to get somewhere. But one of the biggest blocks between you achieving anything is when you think too much about something.

Stop thinking!!

I am not saying that you should stop using your brain, but I find it unreasonable to focus on something for so long that someone else manages to do it before you. And when I mean someone else, I am not trying to say that you make others look bad and look down on them for any reason, I mean that in order to be successful at what you do, you really need to turn your ideas into results, and it won’t happen by itself. One needs to take the first step.

Some examples!

  • Ages ago I launched a pay per click search engine, got a few people saying “Naa nothing will happen”.. after four weeks i was earning 200 dollars a night from online commissions
  • Few years back a few friend said that your online radio is taking so much of your time… I used to say you just watch and see. And after a few years in 2007 it won the Most popular and visited radio of 2007 against major radio stations.
  • I registered a few domains for 9 dollars and sold for 6000 dollars each. So the thing is, if you keep thinking “Shall I, Shall I not..” you will be too late


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