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3 tips to have a better conversation

I can easily break the ice with people I don’t know or meet for the first time. Either it’s the door to door sales part-time job I had in London or it’s because of my hobby since 1994 as a radio presenter, I guess talking/communication sometimes comes easy. What I have figured out by not seeing people I talk to , I have come to realize that that one can divert a whole conversation by the tone of one’s voice into any possible direction one wants. Here are the three tips to a better conversation.. Be respectful : Remember to keep the element of respect in your tone no matter what you are discussing. Everyone wants to be spoken to with a smile and respect, just like you. If you keep that in mind, the convo will go just fine. Be attentive : If you are not attentive to the person you are speaking to, there is only one person to blame for a not so good conversation, and that would be you.  Be “smiley” : This could have been the first pointer. I see no point in not smiling when talking to the other person, I mean, do you have a reason not to? Unless obviously it’s something sad that’s being discussed? Keep that smile on, and you will rub it off on the other person too.. It...

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How to make a kind request

I have often come across situations where someone might not have done something as requested. But then again looking at the whole situation I have also come to terms with the fact that maybe the “demand” I had was something I thought of as request. Making a request to someone to do something for us is just like giving them a choice to either say yes or a no. But if one does it KNOWING that the other person realizes that its YOUR needs that are being met and not theirs by your request things go a bit smoother. For example to have someone clean up their room, its lot more clearer to say “Whenever I see your room like this my need to have a clean and proper house isn’t met, will you be willing to clean the room before the guests arrive?” This way what we are doing is we are putting the other person on the spot by not being able to say “Your needs are met because room is clean” because you know that it isn’t they know that it isn’t the only thing that you took out of the conversation is the jugdemental attitude that we sometimes use with others. So the simple tip to make a request to someone is to first realize that it’s YOU who has a need that needs to...

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