Expect to fail – some of the time

If you tell me that you have never failed at something, I would probably turn around and call you the biggest liar on the face of the earth. But then again, maybe you haven’t failed at something at all. But then again that’s even worse, because that means you haven’t done anything different to get what you have today.

  • A person who hasn’t failed has definitely never tried anything new
  • A person who has tried something might have failed but is sitting with great experience
  • A person with great experience in something will definitely not fail again in the same situation

Think about it.. are you one of those who just doesn’t like taking risks? I realize that taking risks just out of the blue is silly, but maybe you should just go against the stream and really do something amazing. You might not like to share your failure, but who knows.. you might come out successful and something that might change the world for the better..

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you probably won’t come up with anything amazing.

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Why do people fail?

People usually fail because they are on a path which leads to totally unrealistic goals. You can just not reach the sky if you are going to use a few air baloons tied to your hands like the cartoon, UP. It doesn’t work that way.

To succeed one has to go through a tough process of learning and making mistakes. The way I have seen people climb the ladder is sometimes by taking shortcuts. Well the only way to climb a mountain is by taking one step at a time, while I do agree one can take a helicopter as well but there are certain places that won’t reach either.

Taking baby steps is the best thing to do when you want to learn how to walk and then run. And so what if you fall in the way, didn’t you fall when you were a baby? That made you aware that “Ok if i walk this way I will fall, if I walk like this with a balance I won’t fall”.

So reasons why people fail can be defined in such a way:-

  • They have no passion at all in what they are doing
  • They are totally ignorant of the fact that if they don’t succeed ones they can always try again
  • And they have absolutely no faith in their skills and themselves

Remember, if you don’t trust your skills, no one else will either

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Quitting when you are ahead

Why should one do that? I hear this a lot although I don’t agree with it at all. Why would one quit when they are ahead? And who knows where to measure the line and say “ok now I am ahead I am quitting”…

Success is all in the mind, if you see yourself as successful then you are, if you don’t then their is no money in the world that can make you think otherwise. There are people in this world who feel that if they just quit while they are leading in any field that no one will ever say that they lost. But then again what’s the point of being in any field if one doesn’t have the guts to face the challenge.

I personally enjoy being in a field where their is so much competition that I can sense the amount of hacking attempts via our logs into my radio station, CrazeFM.com .. if I say ok we won Best Radio of 2007 so let’s qiut.. would that be wise? Why would I quit while we are ahead.. instead I think one should keep on doing even better and more than before.

If you feel you are good at something, be the BEST at it. If you can’t be BEST at it atleast try to be good enough that people see you as the one they can look upto in that field.

Good luck

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