4 tips to a happier work life

I have learnt a lot of things while working in various fields the last few years. Below is just a tiny list of what some of the things are:-

1. Be honest
Honesty is probably the best policy you can adopt in any field. What’s actually the use of being dishonest in your work when that’s actually providing you bread and butter? Why would someone even try to waste their time on dishonesty when it only eats up all the good deeds and makes you feel miserable for letting down others you work with? Be honest, you will be glad
you were.

2. Be yourself
It’s always easier to be yourself than to be someone you are not. After all, why would you try to become someone who is totally the opposite of you? Do yourself a great favor and be yourself, you will be glad you did.

3. Be punctual
When you commit to something, DO IT. Don’t go around like a headless chicken every time you had to be done with something important, this is of course valid both on a personal level and at work. If you promise something, go ahead and finalize it rather than backing off or hiding somewhere when people are waiting for you. It’s one thing to forget, it’s a totally different thing to not apologize when you do.

4. Be respectful
I focus a lot on the way I talk to people around me. Being connected to radio as a presenter, I think it helped me a lot in the way I present my views to people who couldn’t see me. The tone of your voice tells the listener what you are feeling. So make sure you talk to others with respect, there is absolutely no reason to be rude. If you dislike someone for a habit they have then “dislike” their habit, rather than the person.


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What type of a colleague are you?

Some of us who work in an office or has ever worked in one know for sure that there are always going to be people around you that might be a bit hard to tackle. Obviously that HAS to be the case because all human beings are different. That’s just the way it is, and the sooner you realize it the easier it will be for you to understand and not go bald thinking about it.

If in one family, siblings can be so different how can we expect that a person sitting next to you in office will understand your problems and say “oh hey buddy yes I agree with everything you say” .. Sorry my friend, it doesn’t work like that :)

Below are the types of colleagues that you might have seen around you (OrĀ  maybe you are one of them)

  • Mr Paranoid
    This colleague thinks everyone is watching him each step of the way. He wouldn’t do anything unless he is all alone, and even when he is he feels that everyone is after him for a reason or no reason at all
  • My Perfectionist
    This one can drive the other non perfectionists NUTS! He can be a great person, but when he is given some colleagues to work with who are not so pixel perfect types then problems will occur. He wants perfectionism and they won’t be able to provide it.
  • Mr Dependent
    This type will be dependent on YOU no matter if its something they should be doing all alone. Their projects and their work will involve you in all possible ways because they feel they aren’t good enough if they do it on their on.
  • Mr Drama King
    Brother to the Drama Queen, this type will make little matters into “9/11” emergency issues. You will hear them scream on tiny things being misplaced on their desk to a page missing from their report. They feed on tiny issues that you and I might have neglected to think about.
  • Mr Selfish
    This type is often found a lot. He wouldn’t care if you are ill or dying as long as he doesn’t miss his lunch break. He will try to take as much credit for anything possible, even for things that aren’t his ideas.
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