When children sue their parents

I was reading an article where I saw a child artist in USA who is suing his parents for the money he says they used, which was his when he was acting. I was baffled and couldn’t manage to think how low a person can really get to do something so insane. A child can never repay what his or her parents have done for them. He can’t even repay his parents for one sleepless night or the months of pain his mother went through to give birth to him.

When a person feels that money is the means to everything and the answer to every single query in the world, that’s when we can tell ourselves that we have failed as a society that values good manners and good upbringing. We teach our children that having the best is good, having the latest phone is how it should be, and we unintentionally teach them how to look down on others who have less.

Let’s learn from such incidents and teach our children to be happy with little.