dreamThey say books are your best friend, well in a way it’s as true as anything can ever be. From a book you can learn from the author all their experiences and trials he or she has gone through without going through them yourself. You are presented with the knowledge in a way that you can use it for your own benefit. It of course depends on the book and who’s written it. It also depends on the category and the topic on hand, because a self improvement book will benefit you in a different way, than a book on the history of Africa and so on.

There is this portal that has a selection of over 4000 ebooks that you should check out. It has eBooks from $2.88, which usually retail at over $15 or more. So it’s a good deal for those of you who are into wanting to learn the tips and tricks from others who are masters in their domain.

Click here to check the site out. To purchase an eBook all you do is to click a category, pick a book and download it after paying via PayPal within 30 seconds!

Hope you find something good.

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