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3 tips on having a better day at work

Since most of us spend a lot of time at work, it’s probably good to get around this thing in the best way possible. Lot of people just wave this whole thing off by saying “It’s only work”, well no, it’s your life, so make the best of it.

1. Be kind

There is no shortage of rude and obnoxious people in this world, so be a bit different. Be kind and nice to those around you at work. Your colleagues at work are just as much human as you so spread a few smiles, ask about their day to day life, but don’t go too deep as some might not be so comfy.

2. Be firm

When something isn’t as it should be, just be firm, but nice, and let your views come to surface. But remember to keep your smiley at the end of a conversation. I have a hard time responding to emails or a tough situation without adding a smile or two. I don’t believe in the “face-like-a-brick” attitude. One can be firm, while being nice.

3. Don’t blame

This is the most important tip. If something goes wrong, find a solution and don’t get into the blame game. It only makes the situation worse, and everyone comes in a position to defend themselves. And as we all know, ego isn’t anyone’s friend.

I know the above tips aren’t many, but combined, you can have an amazing day at work. If you are doing it already, good for you, otherwise, start now : )

Life, one post at a time!

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