3 tips on having a successful meeting


Imeetingn the hectic world we are living in, we have to really put our foot down and make sure that the time we are using on a baseless meeting could probably be used to do some work. If one has one hour fixed for a daily meeting, that’s 5 hours a week, 22 hours a month, which is 264 hours a year!!

A perfect status meeting should be around 1-2 minutes of talk time for each attendee, everything that goes into detail should be between those involved in an email conversation.

But if the need for a meeting every arises, here are some tips. Obviously there could be lots more, but i am just noting down the ones that could impact a meeting as a whole.

  1. Have a meaningful purpose of the meeting.
    Don’t have a meeting just for the sake of having one. Because in that way you are not only wasting your time, but everyone else’s as well.
  2. Ask questions, and be to the point.
    So that a meeting remains alive and effective, you would need to ask questions and be ready to answer some yourself. Ask questions that are related to the topic at hand, anything else that needs talking can surely be noted for another meeting, or perhaps an email.
  3. Note and conclude.
    Everything that’s been talked about, note the main points and assign the tasks to those that agreed to do them. If there was a talk about another meeting or two from the current meeting, then send an invite to all in the last few minutes of the meeting.

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