5 tips for a better Adwords campaign

I have been using Adwords since the year 2000. And boy have they grown into one fine network for people who wish to get targeted traffic on their site. People use Adwords for lots of things, to drive traffic to their product pages to get the sales they long for, or to just promote their campaigns to get the word out. Below are some of the ways you can improve your Adwords campaign:-

  1. Do NOT allow Google to automatically default your ads to be shown on “Display Network and Google’s Search Network”. I would highly recommend only to go for the search network only.
  2. Keep your budget optimized and keep your eyes on a keyword that’s getting too many clicks, but no sales. For example, if you are selling Pizza, then your keyword should be “+order+pizza” and not just “+pizza”, because you will exhaust your budget within a few hours if you are being clicked on by everyone looking for pizza.
  3. I usually speak with Google Adwords to get my campaigns to deliver better results and it’s amazing how much one learns from their recommendations. One of the things I was pointed to was to split my campaigns and ad groups. That would mean that you need to stop putting all your keywords into one ad campaign.
  4. The other thing you need to keep in mind is to start using your keyword in your ad, that’s where the tip nr 3 comes in handy. If you are selling “white microphones” then have the word microphones or microphone in your ad-copy. The surfer has only a few seconds to decide what to click on.
  5. And this is the most important tip of them all. Keep your landing pages optimized for the search you will get from your Adwords. There is absolutely nothing worse than sending all the paid traffic to a site that doesn’t result in sales. Ask yourself this question when making a landing page for your campaign “Would I know how to make a purchase from this site?” If the answer is no, go back and make changes.


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