5 Tips to a great first impression


No matter what we say or do the thing about first impression has been a thing that will never leave us alone. So why not talk about that? Since everyone is affected by it and the first impression tag “tags” along with the person for a long long time, let’s see if we can see as to how one can present a better first impression.

  1. Be friendly : This works wonders. Meet and greet the person with a firm hand-shake. And remember to “Smile”, meet as if its a very good friend, but obviously over-doing it will just make it look fake.
  2. Body language : Don’t turn AWAY from the person when talking. Or don’t cross your arms or legs in the way as if you are uncomfy talking to them, and obviously don’t stare at them as if they got something on their face!
  3. Good posture : A good posture, standing position, is a good sign that you are comfy with yourself and the person you are talking to. Now you don’t want to be bending as if you are looking left and talking from the right corner of your lip to them.. would you like it if I did that to you?
  4. Speak clearly : Some people mumble jumble a lot of their sentences when they are nervous. So follow the first tip. When you see them as a friend, you will smile and be quite clear as to what you got to say.
  5. Be positive : This is very important. I am sure you wouldn’t say that a person has left a good first impression if the first thing they hear from you is how much you hate your boss, your parents, your siblings, your job, your life.. !

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  • Indeed great tips Wakas :-) Well said. You’ll never the chance to make the first impression so make it your best, Again be yourself N Smile :-) Tryin to be someone you’re not can not be hidden, it’s gona show clearly N spoil the whole impression. Loved tips nr 5 :-D ( great ones others as well). God bless.

  • My practice is to be normal and non gushing the first time I meet anyone. One should first let the other check you out. If their body language is not gviving any signs of finding you acceptable, its usually wise to move over to better company. One should never try to cultivate frankness or friendship with a person who is rude to one in the beginning of one’s aquaintance. That means they are judging you and can eventually cause trouble for you.

    There is no such thing as creating a first impression really if you sit and think about it. Eventually, as my dad likes to say, the real you comes out, so one should be one’s own normal self from day one. People learn to like or dislike you just the way you are. If they find you acceptable, fine, if not, well, usually, its their loss, not yours.

    A well-adjusted, non-fussy, normal person always finds good people around who genuinely like them and usually never judge them on the first impression they get of them. :)

  • I keep these five things in my mind for myself and with the person am interacting with:

    1. Smile
    2. Firm Handshake
    3. Attitude
    4. Respect to hear other person words
    5. No Back biting

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  • :) Yah Firm Handshake is v important.. I have seen people who shake hands as if they are just touching n running away..

  • Yups Asma.. if one thinks about it the first impression sometimes isn’t the last one :)

  • From firm handshake I just remember how some people would look totally the oposite direction when hand shakin with you :-P which I find v v v rudely act.

  • Oh ya.. I know a few people who do that. So the way to react with them is that I press very hard when I shake their hand :D Then somewhat reaction is that with me atleast they started shaking firmly

  • Hi! these are very good tips. i really believe on the sentence”first impression lasts for long”. that is it.
    what i feel about me i frequently made a mistake that is talking unclearly

  • First impressions matter, and yhey are often online ioday. Your Internet presence is becoming more and more important.”Make it an Effective Internet Presence”.

  • Hi Zain and Syed.. yups first impressions do last a long long time. If someone makes a bad first impression he will get more chances but some things will get stuck for a long time to come :)

  • Why people judge you by your first impression is something I have never understood. :(

    Its arrogant to judge a person the first time you meet them. It means you have a set standard about the kind of people you like. That doesnt make one a fair person at all. A fair person never judges a book by its cover.

    I have personally never judged a person by their first impression. I try to get to know them as people first in detail and then decide whether I want to continue meeting them or not.

    Islam also requests muslims to never be hasty in judging someone hastily,

  • Well, I don’t think it’s about judgin anyone with their first impression, it more about the person who leave a good or bad “first” impression – because thing is that when you in actual meet someone for the first time, like hand shakin or any kind of meetin then that first impression do matter N definitley leave its marks , I don’t think it’s wise to label anyone after that first impression they gettin because for sure that’s not the right thing – but now it’s not about anyone walking the street who need to think of what impression they giving out to the world, because that’s would have been funny, lot of people out there with various type of issues one can’t go for their first impression I guess. As for judging anyone, well who are we do judge anyone at all :-)

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