8 Reasons to be grateful


I often wonder how many of us really take the time out to be grateful for something that we have. Actually everything we have is something we should be thankful for. Let’s narrow it down :) Things that we can be thankful for.. right here right now!

  1. You are able to read and write (Billions around the world can’t do that)
  2. You have eyes that can see your loved ones (Billions around the world are blind)
  3. You can HEAR your loved ones (Billions around the world are deaf)
  4. You can walk wherever you wish (Billions of people around the world are unable to walk)
  5. You can speak (Billions of people around the world are mute)
  6. You have a roof on your head when you are sleeping (Billions and billions more have no home to live)
  7. You can have food daily, not once not twice but lots more times (Billions of kids sleep every single day without a single grain of food)
  8. You are ALIVE!!! (Gazillions are not.. you have the choice to either MAKE something out of it, or waste it sleeping or sitting reading this post :)

So now let’s see.. your turn.. a few of YOUR reasons to be grateful for, and as a token of respect towards humanity, do click here to donate a dollar or two in order to feed a few hungry kids :) Can you imagine how many prayers will be sent your way when they eat today?

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  • Wonderful done :-) You said it all so well so actually nothin left to I guess, Gratitude is definitely the right attitude walkin through life.

    N yeah, I guess sittin N readin this post is for sure somethin that makes one more grateful towars life, so this is absolutely not wastin life according to me, it’s more like addin reality colors to it :-) God bless,

  • I thought I did reply to this beautiful entry but I guess I must have done somethin wrong here :-P

    Being grateful is a blessing N havin the ability to e grateful is indeed a gift, which now days many many people are lacking – sadly so much of complains about everything is goin on that people forget to be grateful for what they have.

    Loved your writin, N could’t have sum it up better than this above :-D, gratitude is no doubt the right attitude. I’m grateful for each N everythin in my life, even the tears, because how else would we value smiles :-) God bless.

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