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Adapting to things in life

I often come across people on various occasions that are somewhat quite limited when it comes to their adaptation skills. Some people can’t manage to survive if they see others unlike them, as in race or religion. While others might have an issue if someone else is more talented them then or maybe less.

Adapting with things in life is as important as to adapting with people around us. World is made up of human beings, each human having a heard and mind plus millions of thoughts and experiences that make him unique. But it’s just that uniqueness that should be the connecting point for everyone to see the goodness in the other person. Isn’t it?

I mean if i am Pakistani and you are an American or let’s say Indian. What difference would the origin mean if I am talking to you with respect, I am valuing your opinions, and seeing you as a human being in a different colored flesh, different mother tongue and probably a different religion.

If you can see through people and see them as human beings first, you will never have problem adapting to the changes in life, and most of all the people you meet. Learn to live with others, because you are going to be living with us for the rest of your life :)

Life, one post at a time!

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