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Arguing for the sake of arguement


Arguing is never good, for any type of relationship. Either it’s at work or home within families. The thing that most of us forget is that when one argues, we come in a defence position, which means that either the solution, we just have to “win”. Sadly what happens is that we forget the fact that the other party might also be in that position, so no matter who wins, the grudge will surely either grow or reach a point where things become quite sour for both.

What to do in case of argument.. this is something I must also teach myself first ofcourse:-

  • Stick to the point in discussion
    If the talk is about a cat, don’t bring in the dog
  • Be in the present
    If the talk if about something that happened in the near present, don’t bring in the past
  • Keep your voice down
    No one likes to be yelled at, although in past years have had some situations where the voice did go up, but we all learn to be better don’t we. Keep your voice to a tone you want to hear, and without you knowing it the situation might calm down.


Wakas Mir Life, one post at a time!

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