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Be concerned, not worried

Someone once said that worrying doesn’t help but being concerned does, because only then you can look for solutions. If you really look around you, the things that worry you fall in two categories, either it will get you to be more worried or be concerned. All in all, the quote gives us a guidance that helps us realize how to deal with a “worry” or a situation.

If we worry:-

  • We will be using our brain to focus on the negative side of things
  • We won’t look for solutions, because we won’t have time to look for them
  • We will feel that there is no workaround

If we concern ourselves:-

  • We will place “worry” on the backseat, while allowing our brain to focus on a solution
  • We will be creating positive energy that’s looking for an answer
  • If the concern is genuine, we might easily solve a similar problem in the future..

So choose the “concerned” path rather than worry, to avoid wasting time :)

Life, one post at a time!

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