Be consistent to survive in business


I come across different types of people in business. Some of them keep going till they make it, and some go for a short span of time in the beginning and then they surround themselves in a very comfortable environment, which locks them down and hides them from the world.

Don’t let that happen to you.

In order to stay in the game, you have to keep on playing. You have to play well, and you really have to be consistent. If you are not consistent, no matter which type of business you run, you will pay the price either with lower sales, or worst of all, a brand that people start forgetting.

If you are running ads on facebook or google, be consistent and have specific fixed timings when you give your time to those. Don’t just stop all of a sudden, and don’t spend too much just to play around. Use your money wisely and you will definitely benefit from the results when you start seeing them. If one ads works better than the others, stick to it, don’t tweak it!

Be out there, and when you are there, shine above the rest. Don’t for a moment, have the attitude of EATING EVERYONE ELSE UP, just play along, if you can do mutual partnership deals with others of the same field, then do so, but don’t ever have the kind of attitude that just shows how mean and “badass” you are, because being badass might get you somewhere, but people won’t like you. And being someone people like, is always a good thing when you are running a business.

Keep it up and keep going.

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