Three tips to a successful product

In the past few years i have been working as the Project and Product Manager of several major portals, or products in other words. I launched a major lookalike site which was later sold to a high profile ISP and then I built onto an online radio, CrazeFm, which within three years won the best and most popular radio award. The ups and downs have taught me as to how to take a product and work on it...

3 tips on having a successful meeting

In the hectic world we are living in, we have to really put our foot down and make sure that the time we are using on a baseless meeting could probably be used to do some work. If one has one hour fixed for a daily meeting, that’s 5 hours a week, 22 hours a month, which is 264 hours a year!! A perfect status meeting should be around 1-2 minutes of talk time for each attendee, everything...

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