Coaching with Wakas Mir


I love sharing what I know so people can start off without making the mistakes that I made in the past two decades of launching hundreds of products and generating millions in sales. My goal is to introduce an approach that makes people realize the potential they are sitting on with the amazing ideas that are just decluttering their mind. As someone who thinks out of the box, coaching session with me will enlighten you and I guarantee that you will learn something new and from another perspective.

Below is just a small list of the things I have been blessed to work with.

  • Sales Door to Door (British Gas) – London, UK
    Got the most amazing sales experience ever knocking doors all over London!
  • Web Designer (DotMusic) – London, UK
    Designed various sites for different known celebrities in the industry
  • Senior Web Designer (MSB International PLC) – London, UK
    Worked on the complex candidate and client portals along with the amazing IT dept.
  • Project Manager / Lead Radio Host (CrazeFM) – Oslo, Norway
    Worked with almost 100+ programmers to develop one of the most visited online radio stations that won 2007s Best and Most Popular Radio Award
  • Project Manager (CoTech) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for various complex projects within Ecommerce
  • Interactive Project Manager (NTB) – Oslo, Norway
    The main bridge between the technical and the editorials in the national news agency
  • Business Development Manager (Hassa International) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for importing and distributing dozens of food and non-food items to multiple stores in Oslo from Poland, Germany, and UK. Beating every other offer they would get from others.
  • Web Master (Aller Media / Dagbladet) – Oslo, Norway
    First contact for the visitors who experience any issues with the high traffic sites
  • Product Manager (Aller) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible to reach the sales goals for the publications under Aller, via social media partners
  • Funding Manager (Ummah.Fund) – Europe
    I collect funds in the millions on behalf of various charities, projects and communities in and outside of Norway. To date, helped millions of individuals around the world.
  • Marketing Manager and Product Developer (Tahoor Store) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for product design, online marketing, distribution, imports and every single thing connected with Tahoor. Starting with my own branded honey and now selling almost over 100+ products to different shops and via the online store.

Why do you need coaching?

  • You are stuck with some ideas and don’t know how to proceed
  • You need someone to declutter your mind and give you a push
  • You require knowledge about platforms that work
  • You want to pick the brains of someone who has “been there, done that”
  • You want to save time and give your 100%

What do others say about the sessions?

“Best teacher, best instructor and best helper who explains everything in detail. Mr. Wakas shares practical advice, strategies and skills which can be applied to the real world. Highly recommended!. ” – Mohammad Ayaz

I am very pleased with the advice I received from Wakas. His relevant expertise and experience made me access lot of useful information and saved me time. I’d highly recommend him for advice within sales and marketing.” Khalid Yasin

The Invincible Seller is a masterpiece by Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience. Some important philosophy of selling may be learned from the book. The book has taken me into the customer’s mind and is highly recommended! Sarwar T.

Wakas gave us exactly the knowledge we needed within two hours to be able to take the first step towards our dream of starting our own business. He guided & answered all questions in an easy-to-understand way and a concrete roadmap was set up. Wakas has deep industry knowledge and works excellently as an “initiator”. We’ll definitely use more coaching lessons again. Shahid Idrees

So what benefits will you get from a coaching session with me?

  • I will listen to your story as to what you want to achieve
  • I will go through the nitty gritty of what plan of action you should take
  • I will pour my heart into every solution without holding anything back
  • I will give you ideas, tips, and advice with a rock solid successful as proof
  • If it’s about importing products to sell, I will share the ins n out of that
  • If it’s about online marketing, I will guide you as to what you should do
  • If it’s about expanding, I will try to connect you with the right people


Now that’s a lot of promises Wakas, so what do you charge?

Considering the 20+ years of business experience and high positions in various industries, with hands-on experience from my own brand Tahoor and charity collection in the millions, I have come across a rate that you can see as an investment and a part of the whole getting into business package.

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