English Poetry


I really have a wish, that I had an older brother

I really have a wish, that I had an older brother
Who would just tell me, what is wrong from right
So that I won’t get hurt, by this selfish world
He would never let me, out of his sight

He’d guide me to goodness, and would ask me to pray
Would think ahead so I, would not fall astray
In a moment when no one, had any care in their heart
He would lend me his ear, and would have made my day

Just like some wishes, this will remain just a wish
So I have told myself this, it will never come true
I remind myself saying, “Wakas you are a brother to four..
And all those qualities now should, reflect in you!”


The one who always kept awake

The one who always kept awake
when the whole world calmly slept
The one who cried along with me
When my inner child had wept

The one who gave me courage when
The world would let me down
The one who prayed to All-mighty
So that I would never frown

The one who had taught me
How I should stand and walk
How the letters form the words
And then how I should talk

The one who still loved me
If I had done wrong or right
She would ask for my safety
And that I was safe at night

Now that she’s no more
I have just one thing to say
For me there is now no one
Who can sit all night and pray

There’s no one who now asks me
Like she asked me about my day
No one says it like she used to
“Don’t worry it’ll all be okay”

If I had yelled, to the entire world!
“Can someone take all worries of mine?”
I am sure of this that my mother would
Be the first and the last in the line

I wish I had only one day, dad
Dedicated to those who have lost their father

I wish I had only one day, dad
Wish I could have, the fun we had

The days are passing and the time goes by
I see you when, I look at the sky

My ears keep longing to hear your voice
To admit i’ll never hear it, is the hardest choice

I remember the way you used to call my name
No one in the world, would ever say it the same

I wish you could hear me, because then i would say
Please dad don’t you ever, ever go away

Without you I am lonely, My life feels hollow
Wherever I go, your memories now follow

If you can’t come back, atleast show me a sign
That each night you are listening, to this prayer of mine

People come and people go

People come and people go
Nobody will ever stay
But i hope to God, a Sister like you
Never ever goes away

You are one in a billion
With my eyes you should see
If everyone had a sister like you
How lucky would they be?

You are special, and you’re fun
And you’re definitely rare
And the way I keep on talking
I hope you can bear

I sometimes wonder
What good I must have done
To have a Sister like you
Who’s just number one

One day I’ll leave this world
I know that I’ll just fade away
But I hope that after, I am gone
You’ll remember me, whenever you pray

But now that I am here
Please don’t shed your tear
Just close your eyes
You’ll find me near

My prayers are with you Sister
That no tear moistens your eye
I hope atleast this prayer
Reaches above the seventh sky

When the heart starts bleeding

When the heart starts bleeding
And the mind goes lame
Whether you are loved or hated
For you it’s just the same

The memories of that someone
Might haunt you day and night
Making you wonder endlessly
What you did was wrong or right

But confusion will cloud you over
And might even make you say
I wish I had done things differently
To make that person stay

While in reality you might not notice
There is nothing you could have done
Their furfillness was never meant to be
The dreams you once had spun

If everything you had wished for
Was given to you right away
Wouldn’t the world be full of chaos
All things might have gone astray

Thank God for the ones who love you
Be happy for the ones you got
Love the one right now who is close to you
Don’t be sad for the one who’s not

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