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I was like that a few years back. Or actually I must say when I was in 5th grade I was very very very shy. But then things changed. I started looking at myself as someone who knew what he was saying and doing. It started with the boost I got from winning the “Artist of the year” and when I got the award for “Highest achievement in maths”. The confidence and the push I got from that really did help me a bit in going against the fear of speaking in public. What would a 5th grader know about public speaking? Well I went to an American school in Oslo, so there we had classes where used to give speeches on various things so I must say it was quite a fun experience.

But yes back to the topic. Here is how you can overcome public speaking

    Lots of people forget that, they get on stage and try to be someone they are not. Be yourself because no one else can be that!
  • Engage the listeners
    If you get on stage and call out to the audience or engage them into an activity, then the whole focus will be on them. This is the best trick ever. I used it when I sang on stage at an “all girls concert”, all I did was I went on stage and as shy as I was I said on the mic “Ok anyone want to sing this “song” with me? So all of a sudden it was THEM who were nervous not me :)
  • Be incharge
    When you are speaking for a large group of people, try to be incharge. If you can fake it, you can make it. With that I mean, try to talk about subjects you know very well about. Do not bring in facts that you just made up on the spot. Do your homework and voila.. you are the MAN (or woman for that matter)
  • Know your audience
    Good speakers know their audience. Know their calibre and know how good (or bad) they are. Its easier to impress 100 non-graphical people by telling them a few things about how graphics design works but it won’t be as easy to say the same things to experts in graphics design. So know your audience and remember..do your homework!

What about you? Are you good when it comes to public speaking? What’s your fear?

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  • Wonderful entry this one Wakas, N useful tips as well :-) I feel that if not all than 99% is about self confidence in this matter – Anyone confident wouldn’t have this fear of talking in public N then it’s about knowledge, If you have knowledge about stuff you’ll not fear anything or anyone when speakin – I’m bit shy at nature so therefore never been easy for me to speak in public :-P but yes I feel I don’t fear anythin, because I simply say it as it is N then since I’ve started searchin N studin about different stuff, I definitely feel much more confident N happy.

    You said it so right, be YOURSELF :-) N trust yourself, know that you’re wonderful individual N don’t need to pretend or be like anyone else. God bless.

  • There is one thing dua that one is confident then there is other thing that which type of crowd he is speaking to. I can be confident yet be very shy in a group of people, and on the other hand I can be very energetic and own the crowd if I am comfy with them. Depends on the situation yes :)

  • Well, of course – true it has somewhat to do with what type of crowd it is. But still that also depends ov confidence level is what I would say. Feelin comfy or uncomfy is definitely somethin else but feelin kind of fear is totally different thing. N fear can be beaten only when one is proper confident. :-)

  • Hi Waqas. :)

    My problem has always been my “over-confidence”. I was never afraid to speak up in public. They have to “speak me down” or “out”, so to speak. :P

    When confronting a crowd, one should say – I believe in me, no matter what others think about me. That pretty much removes the fear factor.

    When I start to speak, silence prevails and people listen to my words. I always take that as the highest compliment anyone can give me :). The reason is probably that I seldom say anything I dont believe in. Thats a good practice. Believe in what you say yourself and your fear of speaking in public will automatically go away.

    Nice post.

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