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There is lots to life than money

Often coming across people for whom money is everything makes me sad.I wonder if they realize how important other things they are blessed with are. Health being one of them, and family being the other. Sadly lots of people look away from such blessings and only wonder about making more and more money to be better and richer than the one next to them.

Does anyone think for a second that it’s not the money that makes them a good person but their actions and their attitude towards others? If we look at the way some people behave when they have lots of money we often see arrogance and a total lack of understanding as to how to react or be in front of others that have less. Some people have never seen poverty, some have never seen a single night of not being able to find any food to eat.. when they are hit with such tragedies they fall into the pit of the ground and blame God or whoever they believe , while they curse everyone around them for the bad luck they have put in.

But in fact if they think for a moment, everything happens for a reason. If something isn’t as they want it to be, if they have less money than they did yesterday, that too is a blessing. Having money doesn’t make a rude person any better than one who doesn’t have any but is an amazing person with a magnetic character.

I think parents should spend more time on their children by telling them that money is valuable, but is worthless when compared to the relations they are blessed with. A brother or a sister that is right next to you in the hour of need is far more precious than a billion dollars in the bank. The sooner one learns this, the better.

Life, one post at a time!

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