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There are lots of things you can do to get your customers or clients to love buying your services or products.

One way to make this “relationship” work is to give a service that’s way beyond their expectations.

For example, show them that you respect them because they chose your business over someone else’s, and that you will do everything possible to keep giving them the service they deserve.

Make it a habit to smile and greet them with kindness. Who doesn’t like to be spoken to nicely?

If you had a bad day, don’t take it out on them and no matter what happens, don’t underestimate the value of a good customer. And if you truly want to realize what the customer is worth to your business, try deducting their sales amount from your last month’s billing. Every customer is important, and to keep them glued to your services is and should be your only goal.

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From managing an award winning online radio station with thousands of hours on-air, being a product manager for various companies to launching my own brand called Tahoor with multiple successful products, I will be sharing with you my thoughts and ideas about life, positivity, productivity, self-esteem and happiness.

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