Managing business during Corona

Just two weeks ago, the whole world changed when WHO marked the Corona as an epidemic which later on resulted in lots of countries shutting everything down to stop the spread of the virus.

Businesses have been shut, most have gone bankrupt right in front of our eyes and there is nothing anyone can do. As I live in Norway, lots of businesses that are not grocery stores or medical stores, were forced to shut down. The unemployment rate has never been so high in Norway since World War II.

So the question now is, how does one do anything when everything is shut down?

How does one earn money when everyone is locked inside their homes?

How do I feel about this whole thing?

Despite the fact that it’s an epidemic, I could disagree with lots of things that have been done and the way they have been done, but since I can’t do anything about what others do, I decided to use my energy on things I could do myself.

Since I have a natural food store, I haven’t shut it down, instead I have opened it every single day, also on weekends. This is to make sure that people keep getting the daily products they need. I don’t sell grocery stores but some of my products fall under that category. Like blackseed oil, hair oils, skin oils, and lots of natural honey products.

How did I change my marketing and the way I work during Corona?

  • I created more campaigns for my online store at
  • I started taking pre-orders for lots of products to get in the cash to buy the products, which I would then send to customers as the products arrive. This way I could make sure the cash flow isn’t affected by investing in a time which is uncertain
  • I cut out on some products that usually just lie around the store, and focused on products that go all the time. Like Honey, Blackseed, Candy and gloves.
  • I am speaking with some of my product suppliers to come up with a payment plan where we can both benefit each other. By them not taking payments before hand and instead giving me some time to pay them back with a guarantee.
  • I worked out a deal with a company to get hand sanitizers to sell them at the lowest profit margin possible in a time where people usually sell them for a lot higher price.
  • I saw a way to contribute during the crisis, and gave away 20 000 gloves to emergency services. Those gloves I had in stock since a while, but I felt that the health dept. needed them more than I did. The intention was never to be acknowledged but it turned out that the national newspaper caught the act and another TV channel got me on AIR.


Since your situation might be different. You might be working in a segment that’s totally different than mine. Maybe you can’t open your store, or have a product that requires you to be around people. Remember one thing, this epidemic is just a phase, it’s not a death sentence that’s come to show you how weak you are, it’s here to show you that you need to use all your brain cells and your skills to do something that’s a bit different.

Who says you HAVE to do what you did before this phase? Who says you can’t do something different? Don’t you have access to the same internet as I do? If I can start looking for opportunities to help people, what makes you think you can’t?

Get out of your comfort zone and look all over the net. Can you start selling something that people need at this time. Can you start giving them free lessons, if you are a salesman for example to build your mailing list for potential customers and clients after this phase ends.

The one thing you need to do to get out of the mindset that it’s all over, is to see the potential you are sitting on, and believe me, you have lots more than you can imagine!

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