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If you can’t help, move aside

We often come across people who lift us up to the skies with their motivational words. And where there are such people, there is a group of people who do everything in their power to put obsticles in our way.

They don’t care for a single moment the impact it will have on their image in front of others. They would just do anything to make things sour for someone, expecting things to turn out ok for their own sake. The world doesn’t work like this. If you do bad to others, expecting goodness is silly. But then again if you provide ease, you will be blessed in so many ways that you will be amazed.

My main point here is that if there is someone who can manage to have an easier life due to you, then do everything in reach to make it happen. But for God’s sake, and for your own sake, don’t go out of your way to ruin it for them. Firstly, you deep inside will feel bad, secondly you yourself will end up in something miserable as life just won’t let you get away with making things tough for others.

So the reminder is, if you can’t help, move aside and let others do it.


Life, one post at a time!

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