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Jealousy or Envy

There is a HUGE different between the two. And I hope that more and more people realize that it’s not healthy to be jealous of others who have made it in their life. But then again what is this whole “made it” concept? Is it that the other person has more money than you, has a bigger and better car or other things that you feel you should have had? Maybe the other person has done something quite remarkable that have made him or her earn all those things and they do deserve them?

I have seen people confusing the two and not being able to differentiate between them. But then again as i explained in the few lines above, it’s very easy to see the difference. Below is a simple formula that you and I should apply to ourselves when we feel we need to know what we are experiencing:-

Jealousy : When you hate someone just because they have something you want

Envy : When you appreciate the other individual for something they have and wish for that quality to be visible in you as well. In other words you try to cultivate it in your personality as well.

Be a nice person and stick to envying others, and even better is to become someone others envy. And remember, once you reach a stage where people respect you for what you are, don’t become big-headed, be modest and spread the goodness around. The world needs people like you!


Life, one post at a time!

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