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Learn to say NO

This is probably one of the most difficult words one can say. In life we come across people who just by trying to be nice say yes to everything. They fail to realize that before pleasing others it’s important that they please themselves first. And by that I mean just what I said. Pleasing oneself is absolutely impossible if what you are doing for others is making you miserable.


  • When someone asks you to do something for them and you KNOW that you have no capacity to do the task, please say no. It’s not rude to say so, but it’s worse when you can’t do the task when you have no time to do it.
  • Say no to give yourself a break, because no matter how you look at it one can really exhaust oneself by pleasing other people

The idea behind this tiny post is not to tell you to say no to everything. I myself love helping others, and usually hardly ever say no. But I have my own way of saying a kind no to something I can’t do. Although we can all be better at it if we try.

So summing it up:-

  • Be nice and kind, but learn to say no
  • Be sweet but learn to realize where your limit is
  • Be helpful but realize if something you are saying yes to is even possible without someone else’s help
Life, one post at a time!

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