My projects


Below are just few of the projects I work with.

Charity Organizations

Muslim.Fund – This charity organization collects funds for anything from lifesaving operations, disasters to helping the needy who are in need of immediate help. We try to locate people who aren’t asking for help but definitely need it. To send donations to this fund you can transfer via paypal by clicking here – This charity organization facilitates the process of having a water pump or well in Pakistan. We work with various charity organizations in Pakistan that are known for their amazing and transparent work. If you with to donate to this cause, you can click here for more info.

Business development

Tahoor Products – Tahoor is a brand I launched a few years back. I am responsible for all the design, marketing, sales, and the whole process of running the company from A to Z. At the moment Tahoor has various products under its name and more to come. ( more info ) – This website is portal to some of the most amazing entrepreneurial videos from the top businessmen from around the world. The idea was to share with the visitors the benefits of doing business and standing on their own feet. ( more info )

Other services

ArtisticArtist – I offer various web and poster design services as well. For Islamic organizations that need a flyer or a poster, if the time is available, I offer it for free. ( more info )

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