No work is bad..


Lots of people have this level of “ego” that doesn’t let them work at a place which other’s would see as “low”
according to their experience or education. After working in London for a leading company when I came back to Norway, I didn’t get a job for a bit and in the mean time instead of doing what a few others do.. which is lie on the corner, I worked at a warehouse moving boxes here n there with a small machine, then worked at a 7-eleven store. Been asked a few times at that point that since you had your own glass office in London how do you feel working here now, I used to laugh and say “I am loving it..”

After that I got a web designer position :) So obviously nothing is bad.. if it puts food on your table, it’s the best thing you can ever do.. actually doing NOTHING is what I consider bad..

What about you? Where have you worked which others might see as “ohh man how could you work there…”

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  • I haven’t worked at all until now apart from the internship I did last summer, been busy with studies. But Generally I wouldn’t mind doing any kind of work as long as It doesn’t distract me from my main field. :)

    Nice Blog Btw, looking forward to read more of your stuff. :)

  • U wont believe it, but some ladies frowned on me when i quit my job and took on the full-time job of a stay-at-home-mom!!
    And surprisingly, it’s the aunties category of people who went like “oh what a waste of education! is this what u studied for?”
    Quite an eye-opening reaction I have to say. I never realised that staying at home for a period of time and bond with your kid is below the level of an educated women. I feel sad for the narrow-mindedness possessed by our “modern women”

  • Yes you are correct Waqas; no job is bad it’s our views that make it bad or good.
    When I started my career, I extremely dislike it because I want to complete my studies but due to financial crises with my family I am not able to do so. I had to sacrifice my personal goals for the sake of my family.
    The first 05 years of my career goes with frustration and zero satisfaction from my job. But then by the grace of Allah I get a chance to continue with my studies and also my job turns so well for me that now my views are completely changed. I think that there is always something good in the events that seem awful for us at the time of their occurrence.
    Now I have a great career, even greater then some highly qualified personals (Thanks to Allah) .I am fully satisfied with my job and by the grace of Allah my education is nearly to complete. That job whom I don’t like at its beginning, today provides me the opportunities of completing my goals both financial and personal growth oriented.
    Therefore we must look downward, towards the people who have even worse circumstances then us to get satisfaction with our jobs.

  • True – No work is bad :-) One don’t actually jump to the 10th floor, it simply don’t work like that. One need to take step by step N work towards the goal N dreams, only then success can be achived. God bless :-)

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