Not all customers are created equal

After being in the sales “business” for almost over 20+ years now, I have come across thousands and thousands of customers, if not millions via the companies I have worked for in the UK and Scandinavia.

The thing is that, some customers are bound to click right away with you, some take time, while others just “waste” your time. Yes, I said it, the word that should never be used for customers, because no time is wasted with a customer, right? Well, wrong.

The way the sales process works is just like any interaction you have with any individual in your circle. You say something, they hear it, and respond, and with mutual understanding and respect, both part ways or nod their heads in agreement over what was spoken about.

Just like an interaction with a friend or colleague, which without respect, turns sour, that’s how the interaction between a person selling something, and a person buying something becomes. If there is no ounce of respect from the customer’s side, then the whole process is worthless and you definitely don’t need to spend your time on such an interaction. Instead use it on customers that deserve it.

A customer that comes into your shop, store, or your website for that matter, doesn’t just drop from the sky. They are looking for something, they need something, either something they want, or something they think they want. And if that same customer, starts going around the bush, then it’s time for you to made adjustments in your speaking style, with all due respect, just make your way out, and end the conversation if you see that they are just after wasting time, rather than wanting to buy a service you are offering.


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