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Our reactions are based on the situations

We often come across situations in life where we are expected to behave a certain way, and in a certain style. But what we mostly fail to realize is the fact that everything that we do, our actions, our reactions to certain actions, words and behaviors are nothing more than the exact outcome that was supposed to happen in those times. For example. If I day in and day out hurl abusive language towards someone, I won’t be getting roses in return now would I? If at work I am making someone feel guilty for every single thing that goes wrong, that person will definitely not be so happy when they see me around.

This applies other places as well, between parents and children, between spouses, between family members, between every single person we interact with.

Our reactions are going to be based on the past experiences with a certain individual, certain atmosphere, and certain way things have been said. I am not saying that people can’t change, ofcourse they can, but what I am saying is that if we want different results, we need to do things differently, for our own sake for the sake of our own sanity, and for the sake of the people around us that we love.


Life, one post at a time!

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