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Patience at the right moment


There might be people in your life that you look upto and wonder how they became so positive and what makes them so strong while everyone around them might have crumbled in the same situation.

It’s probably not as hard as we think really. If you really want to see how strong someone is, watch them when they are going through a rough time. Since a lot of people I have seen usually show their patience when they are in a perfect situation or maybe not such a bad situation. Well that’s not the correct time to show the strength now is it? The real strength shines through when same patience is shown when a bunch of troubles and problems shower upon you one after the other.

The best tip is to ask yourself this question..

Can I do something about it?

If the answer is Yes, then do exactly that. Move forward and make the change. And if the answer is no, why worry? Let the universal law of nature manage it in its own way like it has done before you were even in this world.


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By Wakas Mir
Wakas Mir Business | Entrepreneurship | Productivity | Life

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