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Quitting when you are ahead

Why should one do that? I hear this a lot although I don’t agree with it at all. Why would one quit when they are ahead? And who knows where to measure the line and say “ok now I am ahead I am quitting”…

Success is all in the mind, if you see yourself as successful then you are, if you don’t then their is no money in the world that can make you think otherwise. There are people in this world who feel that if they just quit while they are leading in any field that no one will ever say that they lost. But then again what’s the point of being in any field if one doesn’t have the guts to face the challenge.

I personally enjoy being in a field where their is so much competition that I can sense the amount of hacking attempts via our logs into my radio station, .. if I say ok we won Best Radio of 2007 so let’s qiut.. would that be wise? Why would I quit while we are ahead.. instead I think one should keep on doing even better and more than before.

If you feel you are good at something, be the BEST at it. If you can’t be BEST at it atleast try to be good enough that people see you as the one they can look upto in that field.

Good luck

Life, one post at a time!

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