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Remember those that’ve helped

In the world we are living in, everyone is trying to use someone as a ladder to reach the top. There is nothing wrong in it, unless you are doing it for the wrong reasons. If you are a genuine person, who has a thankful nature, you will use the other person to reach a higher goal and in return be loyal enough to not forget the people that helped you.

As they say, remember people when going up, because you will see them again when you are going down. So true is that. How many times have you seen people you have helped, not respond back in the same way you did? Did it make you feel bad about helping them? Well, I don’t think it should. What they did is their choice, what you did was how you are. Then you might say, well I was used, and I don’t allow people to use me! Same response, you did what you did because you are kind, if someone didn’t see the intention behind it, don’t waste your time by trying to make them see it. If they didn’t see it then, they won’t see it now.

Instead of the negative affects of remembering those you have helped, focus on those people who have helped you. Be generous to them, ask them if now THEY need help and how you can be of assistance. Remember, what goes around comes around. And I hope in the long run, you can be a kind entrepreneur who has a heart in the right place.


Life, one post at a time!

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