So what do I do?


I am a passionate online marketing coach that loves to work with anything that’s a challenge. I am a traditional artist that uses his artistic approach in his marketing ventures to create an experience that “sells”!

Below is just a tiny list of the things I have been blessed to work with.

  • Sales Door to Door (British Gas) – London, UK
    Got the most amazing sales experience ever knocking doors all over London!
  • Web Designer (DotMusic) – London, UK
    Designed various microsites for different known celebrities in the industry
  • Senior Web Designer (MSB International PLC) – London, UK
    Worked on the complex candidate and client portals along with the amazing IT dept.
  • Project Manager / Lead Radio Host (CrazeFM) – Oslo, Norway
    Worked with almost 100+ programmers to develop one of the most visited online radio stations that won 2007s Best and Most Popular Radio Award
  • Project Manager (CoTech) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for various complex projects within Ecommerce
  • Interactive Project Manager (NTB) – Oslo, Norway
    The main bridge between the technical and the editorials in the national news agency
  • Business Development Manager (Hassa International) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for importing and distributing dozens of food and non-food items to multiple stores in Oslo from Poland, Germany, and UK. Beating every other offer they would get from others.
  • Web Master (Aller Media / Dagbladet) – Oslo, Norway
    First contact for the visitors who experience any issues with the high traffic sites
  • Product Manager (Aller) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible to reach the sales goals for the publications under Aller, via social media partners
  • Funding Manager (Ummah.Fund)  – Europe
    I collect funds on behalf of various charities, projects and communities in and outside of Norway. To date, helped millions of individuals around the world.
  • Marketing Manager and Product Developer (Tahoor Store) – Oslo, Norway
    Responsible for product design, online marketing, distribution, imports and every single thing connected with Tahoor. Starting with my own branded honey and now selling almost over 100+ products to different shops and via the online store.

So what can I do for you?

I can be contacted via the option below if you need someone who can guide you if you are stuck! Get in touch to start making a move in the right direction.

My rates for various services are below:-

  • Graphics Design – (500 USD)
    Illustrations, Posters, Banners.
  • Ad Marketing – (1000 USD / month)
    Smart targeting customers and clients on FB Ads, Google Ads
  • Web Design – (3000 USD – 10000 USD)
    Code +  Visual Design + Content Creation
  • Product Design Concept – (5000 USD)
    Sketch, visual, digital format, and how it will look.

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