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Success and failure

I have always been the advocate of positive outlook towards life. No matter sometimes I have come across situations that might have broken me into pieces if I hadn’t had the faith in me. Maybe it’s the thoughts that have been injected in me via mum since childhood. I feel that success and failure go hand in hand. Where there is success there is a chance that one will also fail. And when one doesn’t fail in something they won’t know the wonderful taste of success.

But does that mean that to be successful in your first go is wrong? Ofcourse not, but what I mean is that when you do fail while attempting to succeed, you will surely have the heart to handle any negative aspects along the way. Your “successful” persona won’t be shattered if you fall along the way, you will just hold onto the hope and carry on because you would KNOW that “I failed and I tried again and succeeded”

I in the past few years have worked from door to door salesman to working in a warehouse moving boxes around in a Norwegian company while looking for the job I was built for, Web Designer / Project Manager. I worked and worked despite some people in the family saying “Aww he is so talented why is he doing this or that” .. maybe if I had listened to them I wouldn’t be enjoying my office now, where I sit and manage a whole team of people. Maybe if I had heard of them, I would have sat home and gone nuts!

So all in all, success is not a final goal… it is the little steps you take along the way. If you are not failing while reaching there, you are definitly not giving your best. Because I feel if you don’t fail, you will succeed but you will definitely not learn how to tackle failure if you get hit by it at the wrong time.

What is success in your view?

Life, one post at a time!

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