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The glass is always half full

Out of the billions that exist in this world obviously there would be different people with different mindsets about things that happen in their life. I want to just point to the most famous saying when it comes to telling someone to look at the bright side of life.. “The glass is half full or half empty”.. meaning in a way that either you look at the half full and feel the positivity around a situation or look at the empty bit and feel sad and let down.

Let’s look at both the “halves”:-

If you see something as “half empty”, you:-

  • would never look at the positive outcome of a situation
  • probably won’t notice other opportunities that are knocking on your door
  • most probably don’t even think there is a way out of a situation other than the negative force putting you down
  • would feel as if it was destined that this negative thing would happen
  • at the end would be so down that you wouldn’t want to think positive until someone kicks you hard

If you see something as “half full”, you:-

  • always stay awake as to what positive outcome is around the corner
  • most probably have the positive force of mind with you all along the way
  • won’t be backing down from anything that is destined to be your arena
  • will see rays of success in each situation that looks like failure

How do I stay in a mindset of “half full”:-

  • I keep myself motivated and busy with things
  • I learn new things all the time so I don’t feel useless
  • I talk to positive people and stay positive
  • I pray and keep God always in my mind


Life, one post at a time!

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