The grass is greener on the other side?


Why does it happen?

Humans tend to always want what others have, that’s in their nature. Unless they work on themselves and tame that thought to an extent that they stop thinking in such a way. 

Sometimes this kind of mindset becomes so severe that we use all our time and energy to think what someone else has, and not on how we can attain it ourselves.

Different scenarios

There are various scenarios we can associate with this whole “grass is greener on the other side”. Here are some of them.

Relationships – In certain situations, people tend to think that someone else is better than their spouse, not realizing that their spouse might be million times better.

To get out of such a feeling, you would have to make yourself realize that all that glitters is definitely not gold. The person you are living with just needs your time and love, unless there is a reason why you can’t be with them, there is absolutely no good reason to think someone else is better. Because at the end of the day, wherever you use your time and energy, that area of your life does blossom.


Career and money – This one is also very popular. Lot of people think that someone else who has millions in their account is far better in enjoying their life than they are. What happens in such a situation is that you might not appreciate the two or three times a day meal that you were so happy with at one time, and instead start focusing on someone else’s lifestyle that might have problems as well.

I know a few rich guys who are in their “millions”, that I speak to on and off and believe me, ALL of them have certain issues that you wish you never had. Yes, money does solve lots of problems, but if you don’t have peace at heart, the millions don’t help. I have seen them go through issues that money is unable to solve and I am like.. “Wow, people dream of your lifestyle”, and they are like “Tell them not to, they are better off where they are, money does bring in lots of issues”

When that’s said, I am not saying money is evil. Not at all, money does make lives easier to live. What I am pointing to is that maybe when you wish you had what someone else had, you should start doing something and using your energy to attain those things someone else has, at the same time as you wish for their success.

What happens when you focus elsewhere?

When you focus elsewhere what you are actually doing is that you are neglecting to nurture the grass on your side of the fence, which then doesn’t get the sunlight because you are STANDING on it blocking the sun away, and after a few days, weeks, months or years, the grass is “dead” and there is no grass on your end all together because of the sunlight that never reached it.

During the whole time when you focused on the “other side of the fence”, your energy and brain cells got wasted thinking and planning things that were totally out of line.

Is being happy going to help?

Of Course!

That’s the first step to keeping yourself away from such a mindset.

Be thankful for the people around you, your mother, your father, your siblings, your spouse, your children, and your true genuine friends.

Be thankful for the eyes that can see, the ears that can hear, the hands that can touch and feel, the feet that can walk and a tongue that can speak.

Remind yourself of the favors the Almighty has showered upon you and you will sense the true happiness and realize the importance of taking care of those near you.

How can MY side of the grass be greener?

The grass on your side of the fence needs nurturing, it needs the water of your affection, sunlight of love and calming shade of undivided time. It requires a peaceful environment to grow and become lush enough for you to feel peace when you have a stroll on the cozy wavy grass.

Peace at heart is only possible when you are genuine with yourself. When you yourself know deep within that you aren’t giving your best to nurture a certain relationship or career, then there is no one else to be blamed but you.

Realize the blessings, realize the relations, realize the potential negative outcome if you do not wake up now and make a 180 degree turn back to those who deserve your love and time.

Tell me more!

Glad you asked. Well I would say focus on yourself and how you can achieve the same things by using your time properly and doing something with your life. If you keep looking at others and how much they have,

I speak with hundreds of people with different issues when it comes to life, or business. Almost all of them have a goal they want to achieve, but the majority don’t have a plan that will make their goals achievable.

So I will say the same to you. If you are to reach a certain place, even tilting 1 degree to the right or left in the start or midway will result in you reaching a different destination.

That’s how life works as well. In order to reach a certain place, you HAVE to stay on target.

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