What can an investment do to your business?


There is no business that can survive without investments. And that is probably true in your case as well. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what investments in your business really mean.

What is an investment actually?
The investment you are getting is NOT and investment being pumped in the product or service, it’s in YOU as a person, as a character, as a salesman and as a business man. If no one wants to invest in the business, in other words, it means no one wants to invest in YOU. I know it kind of sounds harsh, but that’s how it is. Businesses are nothing without people, and people are what make the business fail or succeed.

Where to look for an investment?
You would need to look all around you. Within your family and friends might be people who really like your idea and can chip in with some cash. Apart from that you might even find some other companies that have similar interest, and might like to “lend” you some money in exchange for some profits that you can share with them for a duration of a few years.

What kind of investment option suits you?
We are all different, all our businesses are different, all our goals and ideas are different, but ONE thing that might be common for us all is that investment helps only when it suits us and suits our condition. I have had investments where I gave back the money plus profits within a week, and some investments that last 12 months where I give back the profit and investment divided in segments of two and two months, so after 12 months I give back a portion with profit, and then transfer the profit every month until I have paid it all back.

What type of investment option do I go for?
After testing and trying different investment options, I have come to a conclusion. Here is what I am comfortable with:-

  • Three year maximum time for the investment to go around
  • The investor gets back his investment after three years + a profit of between 10-15% on the initial investment
  • The investment is returned back in chunks every two months after three years

I did try a year, but it was so tough taking out profits on the side that I had to ask for more time to make the money do it’s thing!

Good luck and keep rocking!

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