When writing an ad, talk more about the benefits of the product and less about yourself!

This one would be for those of you who are in the marketing or advertising industry. If you are frustrated as to why you can’t seem to sell the services you are advertising for then stick along. The few tips I will share will benefit you, along with the hands-on tips I will keep sharing in the times to come. So do join the list on the right side of the page.

How to start writing an ad?
There are lots of ways to write an ad for your customers. You can either write it like everyone else, as in boring, or you can make it interesting and unique. But remember one thing, that an ad that only talks about you or your company is nothing other than a boring commercial that the customer will just skip right away if they were given a choice. And God knows who has come up with the few words that they swear by, as in “Special offer”, “Discount”, “Sale”. Such words make an ad look like an ad. And since we are targeting individuals who are bombarded with similar ads all day long, you have to come up with something different.

Isn’t all this obvious?

It’s amazing that the things that are so obvious are usually the things that we neglect. Just like you, your customers will show interest in something that adds value to their life or fulfills some specific need that they are unable to find a solution for. If your ads do not talk about the customer, then don’t expect a good result from that ad campaign. The moment you switch from saying how amazing your product is to talking about the customer and focusing on the benefits of the product, that’s when your customer will see any reason to even go through your ad and visit your website or store.

An example of a “not so good” ad
Gizmo has been developing amazing match sticks since 1810. We know match sticks as the back of our hand. Place your order now.

The same ad in a little better form
Want to light your fire? Get your hands on the match sticks that last 3.5 second longer than any other match stick in the market!

You see what I mean? I highlighted the reason why they should get the match sticks.. not talking about the company and as to how many years its been in business. That’s of no interest to anyone else than you.

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