Who creates women haters?


A friend brought my attention to something which in my views is a kind of disorder which has become a kind of a lifestyle for certain men. A Misogynist, a women hater, carries a lot of weight on their own life in one way or the other. If you ask me I believe that they live with a constant fear since this condition is born in the very beginning stages of their younger days. In other words they are “groomed” to be women haters..

How to raise a woman hater?

A lot of different psychologists have a certain few cases they relate to when talking about how a person becomes a woman hater. I read a few case studies and most prominently the reasons most of them were pointing to were the years the boy spent in his house being “protected” by a father who is either very strong in character or very abusive. When I say strong in character I am in no way promoting that being abusive is having a strong character actually its what makes them “weak” in my view. A person that hits a woman is first of all someone that deserves a few slaps himself.

If we go back in time, a woman hater’s childhood has been abnormal, and if we are to go deeper in that whole scenario we will see that a woman hater isn’t born that way obviously. A kid who is brought into this beautiful world to be experiencing their mother being beaten up by a father who can’t take no for an answer or hasn’t gotten the right qualities in him that make him get along with the mother.

A father in that kind of a household usually has a background where they themselves have been treated “bad”. When I mean bad, I mean they might have had a father who beat them up on every occasion possible, and also used to probably say things like “I am the father in the house and I am the one who decides what happens here” these kind of things make the kid think and make him start believing what will later on make his own relationship suffer.

A guy from such household in reality is fearful or scared from the woman he is with. The thought of him being close to them is ok but the thought that if he gives in to the woman she will have the power to hurt him makes him totally turn the table around and show the side of him that he has “learnt” since childhood. And that is the feeling of being powerful, being strong, being what he feels the woman can’t do. And of course we know that women can do anything guys can do and in most occasions even better than men.

Growing up with the kind of relation he might have seen between his father and mother, he started believing that it’s the guy who runs the house, and the whole world around the people attached to him is HIS. The emotions and attachment won’t mean a thing in front of the buzz he would get from being the breadwinner and at the same point that will make him “believe” that he can do anything he wants to the woman he is with.

Women haters are emotionally very strong but sadly that’s their biggest weakness since they don’t use that emotion at all. They might have grown up feeling sorry for their mother but when they are at a stage they can do what their dad didn’t by being nice and so on, they continue the cycle and keep it going until his own son grabs that “habit” of hating girls or women.

In the beginning it could start off like, “women can’t drive” or “women can’t do what men can” or the classic “You are a woman you don’t have a say”

The family of a woman hater

Can you imagine that the family of a woman hater would be a heaven for the woman? Absolutely not. It’s first of all a sad thing that people like that don’t get counseling but then again who would bring them there because that too is to them a sign of weakness.

The family of a woman hater goes through hell every single day, hearing remarks that the woman isn’t good enough despite her being very talented in things that the guy can’t even dream about. The biggest sign you will see in a woman hater is that they will not appreciate or say “oh you are so good” when others might go nuts over the woman’s skills and talent.

Another thing one can see in woman hater’s is that they might have involvement with lots of women and might come across as very intelligent and friendly with the female crowd but that is not something they do with their charm, it’s something that makes them feel “special” and since it could be easy for them to hear a few laughs when they are making fun of their female colleagues amongst their male friends. A women hater despite all the attention they get deep inside lives with the fear of yet again losing the closeness they share with the person they share their life with.

Why do they do that? Well there is something deep inside them, the need to be with their partner but the “ego” and the way they have been programmed kicks in anytime they feel they are going “weak”

I sense a very high number of males these days without knowing are becoming women haters. What is causing all this as some of them have had an amazing childhood. So do some guys you think believe it’s cool to hate women? Or do they feel they can be life of the party when they joke about some lady doing this or that.

To the women haters

Well so this one goes out to those guys who are living in a dream world.. next time you say anything bad about a woman, sit down for one single minute, count to ten and then ask yourself.

“What am I doing? Where am I headed? Am i saying this to make others laugh? Does this kind of attitude towards women make me sound very cool? Am I not destroying the very personality of my children by being this way?”

And last but not least to those guys who say women are weak and base their fights and baseless accusations around that.. my friend tell me if you can carry a baby for even 1 day let alone give birth to one..

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  • Hmmmm….very thought provoking and touchy topic indeed…
    I believe that it must be their childhood that would be playing a big role in here. For instance, if they see that the male figure in family is not so considerate towards women, they would automatically assume the role that that’s the way thing should be. Thus, it shapes their ideology, and so called the feeling of not respecting women, and I don’t want to use the word, hate here as it is quite deteriorating word to use.

  • If a dad always accuses his wife unreasonably, in front of their young children, that can turn the young son into a women hater.

  • Well, this is very strong topic, but my view about women haters is that it is not inborn but rather self acquired.
    It can be gotten through many means and ways but i guess the most common way is being faced with an impossible and unbearable condition as an outcome from a girl friend or any lady character. The impact of this hurt is so hard that he develops a hatred towards the entire community. It may not be the only reason for it but sometimes this hatred can also be developed by social impacts or influence of his family members or heads. But in all this is always an acquired syndrome and difficult to think that it could be by birth.
    Staying with the topic i would like to also say that people should understand that women is one of the greatest creations of Allah. We should really respect them and love them for their kindness and tenderness rather than developing hatred for them…

    Wakas, hats off to you for being what you are. Do continue your true and valueable contribution in making this world a better place to live… Thanks… God bless you…
    Allah Hafiz…

  • If the person is bullied from childhood. ..prolly in school and college …that person will now look for the ways to show his authority. And many times they turn to their spouse and other girls.

    So even if his parents are good and upbringing is perfectly fine. He might turn into a women abuser just to satisfy his ego.

  • May be woman hater can be created if child has seen abuse, disrespect towards woman. But I think it is very personal and anyone can have it.

    Man by nature is possesive about woman and always think they are superior. They want woman to behave in certain way. If woman does not behave as per wish , a man disrespects her. This is sad but this is truth. I think this is one main reason woman hater is created.

    In old age, woman were suppose to do household work and men used to do Job outside house. Even though woman go out and do her job also she is still assumed to take care of the house. Not that it is bad but a man would never do household as a responsibility but as a favor. It is superiority feeling which cannot be eliminated… and I am not sure if in future years this will change.. Woman will be treated equally or not.

  • umm i cudnt say nethin before on this… i read wat u had mentioned and i truly dun have much to say as i feel i am juz born umm hehe..
    If i understand a lil bit of wats been said then i truli dun know why nebody wud hate a woman knowin they were born from them…i mean wud ne sane person wud say i hate woman knowin that if it was not us, then where wud they come from?
    As it is said, it mite be a mental disease to hate woman.. or a influence which is created since childhood when the development starts.. if a child when developin sees only things that needs to hate, then i am sure its obvious that he thinks that way or else i dun believe ne guy shud ever think that way… it is not juz insulting the power of a woman but alsho insultin n disgracin urself by sayin, yeah though i am born from a woman, i still hate them ummm i mean that wouldnt make ne sense…
    I dunno how the world gets to these kinda thinking and we call ourselves mature enough hmmm..sad! I pray to God that there be some sense put into these kinda ppl and if its a mental disease then they be treated by a woman hehe …umm..
    Thanks and God Bless :)

  • For three years, I never understood the constant changes of his mood and sudden Love-Hate fluctuations that came from the man I deeply love. Just recently, and as many other times, he threw me out of our home with no reasonable excuse. I begged him many times to go together for counceling, as a couple and try to solve and figure out why he suddenly would feel so miserable and dissatisfied, but in his stubborn mind, I was the one that needed it because he knew exactly what was going own…. Wich up to this day, I dont know and will never know, because it was just reality in his own world, not in the world that we both lived in.
    I am an independent woman, fully employed, with a brain and good looks, that loved him inmensely and was dedicated to our life and our nice home…. In his “Dr. Jeckyl mode” he is loving, fun, caring, kind, and the perfect partner, companion and friend, but without any reason, all these qualities start to decrease until “Mr. Hyde”appears. the one that belittles, the offensive violent man that calls you names and blames EVERYTHING on you, that will destroy you home in a minute, that will scream like an animal and insult you andblame all his frustrations, miseries and even the neighborgs barking dogs on you…….” It is living with a time bomb

    Speaking for myself, as a proffesional woman, loving, that comes from a home where my father used to abuse my mother in the same way, I had always clear in my mind that the most important thing for those close to me was to have peace. Although I love this man with all my heart for his real essence, for all the goodness he has to offer, It is imposible to try a build a home with someone like this. It is very frustrating not having been able to do something that would have helped him come to terms with his tempers and all that horrendous hatred… I had the will, but there was no way. In these scenarios, They are the only ones that can do something about it…. There is nothing, NOTHING in this world that will make these men happy… He is the only one that can actually achieve it… We can never do it for them.

    If you are a woman, If all this sound familiar to you…. Do yourself a favor and dont try to swim againts the current… If you get reeeeaaaly reeeaaaaly lucky, the current MIGHT change in your favor and make the swim nice and joyful, but if not, the current will just get stronger and you, most likely will end up drowing.

    Read the signs at early stages, they are always there.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Wow geen, thx for commenting and sharing so much valuable information.. thx

    Regards, Wakas

  • Maybe the reason some men come to hate women is through thier own life experiences. Tired of broken hearts, being used for their money and bodies, being the butts of females sterotypes, and so on. I have often heard women to say “Where are all the ‘good’ men?” If they were to look back at all the ones they had over looked, hurt, ignored, and such, they might see the good men instead looking at how much is in his bank account..

  • This article was very interesting. But I personally believe the opposite. I believe that Misogany originates in households where there is a very strong “Female presence”. Either the Woman is the breadwinner or where a woman is the “dominant” personality in the household. As a man, I know that physical abuse is not as emotionally or mentally destructive as verbal abuse. A domineering woman who constantly berates her husband and children, creates a whirlwind of psychological problems that lead to depression, guilt and substance abuse for the children, and despair and lack emotional connection for her spouse.

  • Since women have nothing to do with realities, I will clear up the cloud in ur worthless female brain. Any law that puts men under trail just for being a man creates anger amongst men. So, next time u and ur 40+ old spinsters celebrate the divorce of ur female friend who robbed her husband of his house, income, children etc. just remember u have just created another woman hater. Wait for the day when there is a Geroge Sodini at every turn waiting to shoot feminazis.

    But all this will never penetrate the greedy and thick heads of women, but rest assured bullets will.

  • Akshya : Well women are all over, even our mums are women so we would need to look at it all ..

    Chiquita : Akshay has his own mindset as all people I guess. some points we will all disagree with but thats how it is with diff minds :)

  • What a sad sorry evil world we live in!!

    In the end Hate hurts the hater. I believe hate is something we should strive against firstly in oursleves.

    I have witnessed and experienced – Man hating as much more widespread phenomena and engrained problem than women hating. Its official policy in most areas of life: employment family law and just about everything We have all heard. it seen it. Signs on kitchen walls” Men are useless”

    “.Men are pigs/scum etc” Some women wear T shirts with these sayings on them I have yet to meet a man with a “women are pigs” T shirt..
    I have worked hard not to retaliate to women saying or doing some evil things in a very misandrist society.

    Most murder victimes are men, most victims of violence men, Suicide -men again. Most homeless- yep men.

    Google “Boys are stupid throw rocks at them” – Thats a great way to make a women hater right there. This stuff is evil and very dangerous! I mean for women as much as men!!!
    Sadly I have lost count how many times I have heard women in general ridiculing and hating men .

    Propagandists know its easier to get women to hate men, they have suceeded .Read this book:
    Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture
    ~ Paul Nathanson (Author), Katherine K. Young (Author)
    Or Chapins Inferno on youtube
    Ashkay is angry -and I am very worried because he is right about the injustices – violence though will achieve NOTHING. Men should realise women have been duped by the media mostly.

    Hate can become more widespread by simply by WORDS . So much of this gender warfare seems to me to be tdeliberately whipped up and contrived by the media for shabby monetary gain. Wake up people !Switch off the TV AND Dont hate ANYONE!!!!

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