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Will Palestine ever be free?

After seeing what happened in Palestine few days ago after yet another episode of Israel stealing more land from the people of Palestine, we have seen how the world woke up and reacted.

Why is it that we only way up on such incidents and not have it as a constant campaign to get the blockades removed from Gaza, which is also known as the biggest jail in the world. Some call it an open-air jail, but I don’t think even jails can be that cruel.

One after the other instance where you need to go through humiliation to go where you need to go. I have spoken to people in Gaza who say that despite living few moments away from Masjid Al Aqsa, they are not allowed to visit it. As their permission is denied over and over again.

What does Israel actually expect when they have such conditions for Palestinians and totally different for their own zionists?

After the death of so many innocent people including small children, I feel it’s only obvious that the world would react that the way they did. BUT until the campaign and the fight doesn’t continue, Israel will keep taking more land and right before our eyes we will see Palestine vanish.

I have never and will never understand how can someone defend Israel when we have dead children in the whole scenario. How can anyone for even a single moment try to defend Israel when we have people with stones on one side, and people with the “Iron Dome” which was made with the money they got from the USA as a charity or money you give to a beggar on the side of the road.

How countries around the world supported Palestine!

Numerous countries showed their support to Palestine and while I feel the support should no longer be in words, but rather action, I respect them and feel that in a time when talking about Israel can get you blacklisted on various platforms, more and more people need to fight this bully of a country and make them realize that enough is enough.

USA and UK supporters of Israel need to realize one thing. USA has no say since they took the land of indigenous people which you guys call “Red Indians”, and UK supporters need to zip up since it’s what you guys did is what Palestinians are paying for till now with their lives. Giving the land of someone else to someone else instead of giving your own land to the Jews, is what  you are responsible for and one day will be held accountable.

So the question is “Will Palestine ever be free?”

Yes, It will be. Just like apartheid in South Africa ended, same will happen in Palestine. One fine day when more and more people will be on the side of Palestinians, when more and more people will be on the side of humanity and the oppressed rather than the oppressor.

Life, one post at a time!

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