Your customers can see right through you

I have been into sales since over two decades now. And what I find the most easiest task when I am facing a buyer on the other side is to make them feel at ease when they are making a purchase. My main aim is to give the buyer as many reasons to buy from me, without feeling bad at any stage during our conversation. I feel that people who try to sell their service or product by being pushy, usually get complaints later on since the buyer either felt he was forced into buying a certain product, or realized when they went home that this is not what they wanted.

So how do we sell without sounding pushy?

Easy! Just be yourself. Don’t try to act like a car salesman who will tell you million things about the car that don’t even exist. Talk about the benefits but in a way you want to be spoken to. Talk to the customer in such a way that makes them feel and realize that you are on their side. Remember, a customer can see right through you if all you are after is increasing your commission. Don’t make it obvious that this is what you are after. They do know you get paid more if you sell more, but the moment you start being desperate, some customers might become defensive, and instead of saying yes, they will say MAYBE and then walk out the door.

What type of attitude does a seller need to have?

Friendly attitude. An attitude of someone that the customer speaks to and feels as if they are talking to their own brother. Yes, I really mean it. If you as a seller don’t make the customer feel comfy, you will probably make that one sale but will never see them again. But if you make them feel comfortable without selling them every thing that they don’t need, the will return and they are going to be your customer for life!

Be on their side. If there is a product that won’t benefit them, don’t sell it to them. It’s ok if you don’t make a sale, because after all if your product isn’t going to help, what good is such a sale anyway?


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