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I was born in Pakistan, raised in Norway, and worked my way through sales, marketing, and design in the UK for companies like DotMusic, Canon, MSB International, British Gas, and some of the largest media houses in Norway like Aller Media and as a Interactive Project Manager for the news giant NTB

I used to host a radio show in 1995 in Norway before I went back to Pakistan. But when I came back to Norway after a few years, I started CrazeFM radio which won “The most popular tv and radio award” in 2007. Since its start to the end date, over 3 million listeners had heard my show. On that show, I used to interview LIVE celebrities from that subcontinent. Along with that I also hosted a show on FM in Norway, bringing my radio hosting to over 10 000 hours of airtime discussing every single issue under the sky. I couldn’t be more thankful, as to how much I learned from this platform.

As someone who just can’t sit still and is bursting with ideas, I decided to quit my fulltime job as a Project Manager in 2015 to start off a supplement brand, while importing food products for various exotic stores in Norway. That was the day Tahoor was born.

Via Tahoor I got the opportunity to sell raw and pure honey to dozens of stores in Norway. Tahoor was also the first store to bring in the ajwa date from Saudi, plus medjoul dates from Palestine. Tahoor Store has been very active in the past few years by sharing its profit with the needy in Norway and other parts of the world.

So when I am not managing Tahoor Store or launching charity campaigns via Ummah.Fund (reviews), I am setting up clean water pumps via

So what else?

  • Graphics Design – I have been working with Graphics Designs for over 2 decades. At the moment I do allot some time to design logos, flyers, and posters. ( More info here )
  • Business and sales coaching – I help startups and small businesses reach more customers and get better sales. With decades of experience from my own ventures, including the supplement brand, Tahoor Store, and being project manager for various agencies in the UK and Norway. ( More info here )
  • Get more sales and increase your income – I have written an eBook where I talk about how you deal with your customers and how to get the most out of your interaction with them. The eBook covers various techniques and tips that I use myself. ( Get the eBook here )

What about my schooling?

  • Sidrah Model School – Gujrat till 3rd grade
  • OAS – Oslo American School from 4th to 6th grade
  • Government College University, Lahore where I did my Fine Arts, Political Science and Civics before flying back to Norway
Life, one post at a time!

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From managing an award winning online radio station with thousands of hours on-air, being a product manager for various companies to launching my own brand called Tahoor with multiple successful products, I will be sharing with you my thoughts on business, sales, marketing and tech!

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