With decades of hands-on experience within sales psychology, graphics design, internet marketing, a keen interest in self development due to thousands of hours of radio presenting since 1994. I also reach every charity goal that I commit to, and till now have crossed millions of NOK in charity projects I have had the privilege to initiate.


E-commerce & online/offline marketing, Product & Service Development, Personal Development, Confidence & self-esteeM


I was born in Pakistan and after a few years came to Norway in 1984. Went back to Pakistan a few times and then back after studying Fine Arts in Govt. College Lahore, Pakistan. After that I went to UK and worked my way up through companies like DotMusic as Web Designer, MSB International as Senior Web Designer, British Gas within sales, and then in Norway at NTB as Interactive Project Manager as the main contact between all the major media venues and the tech team, and then moved on to being a Product Manager for Social Media at Aller Media

I used to host a radio show in 1994 in Norway before I went back to Pakistan. But when I came back to Norway after a few years, I started CrazeFM radio, an online radio station with tremendous amount of technology, including sms voting and other features that didn’t exist elsewhere. That radio station won “The most popular tv and radio award” in 2007 and had over 3 million listeners. On that show, I used to interview LIVE celebrities from that subcontinent. Along with that I also hosted a show on FM in Norway, bringing my radio hosting to over 10 000 hours of airtime discussing every single issue under the sun.

so what do i do now?

I decided to quit my fulltime job as a Project Manager in 2015 to launch a supplement brand, called Tahoor. At Tahoor I manage everything from A to Z, including the design of every product and marketing the website and the store itself based in Oslo.


I am extremely fortunate to work with various charity projects around the world. I have collected millions of kroner within the past few years for hundreds of various campaigns. All ranging from critical operations for the needy to helping people stand on their feet after natural disasters. I also have a setup called SaafPaani, which means clean water, via that I have managed to collect funds for hundreds of clean water pumps around Pakistan.


Best teacher, best instructor and best helper who explains everything in detail. Mr. Wakas shares practical advice, strategies and skills which can be applied to the real world. Highly recommended!.


I am very pleased with the advice I received from Wakas. His relevant expertise and experience made me access lot of useful information and saved me time. I’d highly recommend him for advice within sales and marketing.


The Invincible Seller is a masterpiece of Wakas Mir, written from the lessons of his long business experience. Some important philosophy of selling may be learned from the book. The book has taken me into the customer’s mind and is highly recommended!


I had a very good session with Wakas. He has a lot of experience and knowledge that will give you the push to start. Recommended!


Wakas gave us exactly the knowledge we needed within two hours to be able to take the first step towards our dream of starting our own business. He guided & answered all questions in an easy-to-understand way and a concrete roadmap was set up. Wakas has deep industry knowledge and works excellently as an “initiator”. We’ll definitely use more coaching lessons again.


Wakas Mir provides valuable information that really opens new doors. Highly recommended if you want to discuss any idea that you want to realise.



services that i offer

  • Graphics Design – Flyers, Banners, Posters, Roll-ups, and print services ( click here )
  • Business / Life Coaching – I help you declutter your ideas and thoughts. ( click here )
  • Charity campaigns – With over 6.5 million collected, I know a thing or two ( click here )
  • Voice overs – With 10 000 hours of radio shows, I am sure I can deliver ( click here )

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